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Feather River Recovery Alliance

Feather River Recovery Alliance (FRRA) was formed after the Oroville Strong was separated from the Chamber by amical agreement a few months ago.    FRRA is overseen by the same group of business people that brought everyone together in what was the first meeting of the Gallagher/Nielsen Coalition in February 2017 and has taken up the main tasks of Oroville Strong: to hold the DWR Accountable, do all that can be done to minimize the risk of a repetition of the 1997 and 2017 incidents and to get fair treatment for the downstream communities.  By achieving these objectives, we hope that the reputation of the DWR can be restored.   

Mission Statement

​To facilitate the restoration of trust of the DWR throughout the Feather River communities affected by the presence and operation of the Lake Oroville Dam and its ancillary facilities by:

  • Discovering and publishing accurate and a verifiable body of facts about all phases of the status, finances, economics, maintenance, operating practices, and safety of the dam.

  • Holding DWR accountable for the management of the dam and for strict compliance with all its attendant obligations as the licensee, including those related to recreation mitigation.


  • Demanding that public safety be the paramount criterion for all operating decisions to assure downstream safety and avoidance of any flood incidences and inundation threats


  • Demanding fair remuneration for the services provided by the hosting communities of the Lake Oroville Dam and its related facilities


  • Seeking fairness for the communities affected by the February 2017 incident and assistance in the restoration of their reputation so that the Feather River Valley is seen as a good place to live, work and play


  • Encouraging the co-operation among all agencies and associations in pursuing these objectives

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